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October 14, 2005



None of the commentary by any of you supporting oodle considers one simple fact - the content is not theirs. They are leaches and parasites. If they want to "do a service" for the community (give me a break, grow up folks) they might want to think about earning it, working to accomplish it - as cl has, or as so many others have, instead of sliming the content from legitimate providers. It is very easy to criticize cl -can't believe I am actually supporting them - and support oodle when you YOU have created nothing, I suspect.


Craig does not own the content (listings). The listings belong to the lister who wrote the ad. Don't you agree Craig?
CL facilitates commerce & no one argues that he makes his money off the back of his listers.


Here's your solution. Have a box next to your CL ad and check it if you don't want your ad crawled. You know at least Ray will check the box.


This is directed at the anon-type mentality. Hey, you posted a comment. You participated. You added a snippet of content here... we all lurk (called surfing) 95+% of the time. This conversation is about online business models and reuse of community IP, not how easy it is to add to your Barney-doll collection. ;) You can always do that - there are 14M avenues to do that. Oodle is not doing that much of a favor by trying to be a destination for people's flee-market QVC habits.
One, if everyone (as in exactly 100% of net population) was like you i.e. just want to find stuff, then there wouldn't be anything to find - there are communities of people that post stuff for you to buy, read about, etc. They make CL, eBay, something other than shells of code. Perhaps CL has a segment of losers (it is public after all) --but that's my point-- by surfing CL or eBay regulary, you can see who's a loser and who isn't, you can start to recognize trends in language, other people's warnings about a post or poster, etc. As virtual as it is, one gets to know the context of the post or ad that one is interested-in. Oodle bypasses all that. So we talking about protecting a small-time community of CListers --why? Because, two, Oodle's methodology is a predatory business strategy. Sure it brings you the ads, but it slowly marginalizes the community that brought you the content.. not so bad now, but over time, habits change and if/when Oodle allows users to post, then they have pulled a MIcrosoft i.e. having "embraced and replaced."
So I hope you use Oodle and hook-up directly with a scammer with a AOL screeen name and a false storefront out of Vancouver and wire or paypal your money (unwittingly) to a new account in China on a one-way ticket. Here's to you. It's all about you, anon.


To say that Oodle is predatory & marginalizes the community assumes all the community listers on CL will jump ship--but they can't jump ship to Oodle & if they jump ship to somewhere else isn't the CL community better off for it? It's all about choice. Take away mine & yours will be next.

Joey Boots

"by surfing CL or eBay regulary, you can see who's a loser and who isn't, you can start to recognize trends in language"

You're referring to the forums on CL - this isn't about the forums. The classified ads themselves are totally anonymous, there's no way of knowing who posted them or if they're legit or not - as with any classified ads on other sides or in the newspaper.


"So I hope you use Oodle and hook-up directly with a scammer with a AOL screeen name and a false storefront"

LOL! Again, this is the risk you take with ANY online classifieds. CL is rampant with scammers, cheaters, and cons! Yes, occasionally you will see a scam warning in the CL forums, but 95% of the posts in there are people fighting with each other and complaining about pets for sale, etc. People do not use the CL forums to sit around and discuss classified ads all day, it's far from having any real value as a "community" - more like a snakepit than anything.

The whole "community" aspect of CL is used for marketing. CL is basically a normal classifieds ad site with some forums thrown in... and suddenly it's now a "community". Oodle wasn't linking to the CL forums, so the "community" there remained intact.


On the money Boots!

mark pincus

well, i have to chime in here.

1. like any site owner, craig newmark should have the right to choose whether he believes it's in the interest of his business and his users to allow crawling. his users can go somewhere else if they dont like it.

2. i do see why newmark would have a problem with oodle. once the site gained critical mass as a first stop for job seekers, it could easily turn on a 'post your job here' button which would eventually make CL irrelevant. even if he didnt CL would always be n to oodle's n + 1. in some categories like cars and apartments where users care most about comprehensiveness, that would do damage.

2. the argument that newmark should want to do this because it sends him traffic seems flawed in its over simplification as one potential outcome leads to no traffic.

3. craigslist IS a for profit company. so what? craig doesnt seem to care about getting rich, but should he change his mind and one day want to be like pierre, larry and sergey, he ought to.

glad to see the healthy discussion around an important question.

mark pincus


BTW I have a 23" Mac monitor for sale if anyone is interested...



Oodle offers a service. Oodle basically tells people, "Hey, you can find that at Craiglist..." and then even takes them there.

Craigslist offers a service too, which site visitors use to submit content.

Once Oodle kindly escorts someone to CL, CL says, "Here's someone selling one of those..." but is now turning to the Oodle escort and saying, "Now get the hell out of here and don't come back."

That's like a retail store being mad at the mall for advertising their store as well as the 12 OTHER womens' clothing stores in the mall. How dare they?

CL will just fade into obscurity if they try to fight every person's attempt to give them publicity.


Exactly Brandon. It's like you come to my shoe store and can't find the boots you want. So I say, "Hey I know someone who sells the boots you're looking for. And I'll give you a ride there."

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