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May 25, 2005



I'm confused by your business model. It seems that you are "screen-scraping" craigslist and possibly other classified services then framing the results with Google ads.

Just how long do you think other services will let you keep deep linking to their content for your own financial gain?

As soon as they cut you off, you're toast.


Quickly reply to that last comment...

We don't display listings. We simply create summaries that point the listings. This is beneficial to the sites in our index in that users need to click through to respond to the listing. Classified sites get free traffic from Oodle.


John, agree with you. Theirs' a very thin business model. My question is how long would it take before other start-up companys (whether or not having secured some VC funding) would do the same thing.

What is the differentiations or barrier-of-entry of this business model?

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