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October 25, 2005


Gregg H.

From the ZDNet article...


"Some bloggers speculated that Google Base was the precursor to an e-commerce site that would go up against online auction company eBay."

Gee, I wonder if eBay's 25% ownership of Craigslist has anything to do with CL's current behavior toward's oodle. Also wonder if eBay is going to sit by and not use CL as a platform to fight back. Nah, I'm sure eBay is just so happy to have only a 25% stake of CL with zero say in how it operates. I'm also sure eBay has no desire to aquire the rest CL, because eBay is all about the people and not interested in anything as crass as money and marketshare.


I think we all saw this coming, but great news! Anything to knock CL off it's high-horse and help them realize that they need to start playing nice with others.

Re: CL & eBay - yes correct, eBay only owns a 25% stake and I'm sure it's frustrating as hell for them, they really have no say in anything. I always assumed that eBay would try to persuade CL to do things their way, or eventually compete head to head and sacrifice their own 25%. Now that Google is getting into the mix, I'm sure that eBay is gonna turn up the pressure... this will be interesting to watch.

Bernard McGranaghan


I was just wondering about what you meant by sell their own listings....'When a search engine sells their own listings, they begin to hurt their partners by competing against their core business.'

one other thing I'm not clear about...is Google suggesting that they will start to take free listings from the car lot on the corner?


yes, Bernard. That will be a very big deal.


BTW: Google will not be allowing other sites to scrape the db. I am very close with the project leader. He's my Bro!

Gary Evans

I noticed when searching under jobs the Monster.com jobs showed up. How do I get healthcare jobs listed on your search engine.
Gary Evans
Marketing Director

Massimo Moruzzi

Dear Craig,
we're all waiting for your post on Google Base now that they *have* launched :)



The problem with them creating content and providing a search is like them spitting in their own bucket.

Google is selling keyword ads. Let say for jobs in chicago. Now I"m paying google 3$ for every click. At the same time google is now competing with me on my own turf by allowing job postings.

Google has now become my competitor. Why would I pay them 3$ for every click, I"m giving money to my competitor by supporting their services.

The only way that this will work for google is that people will outway the benefits of these keywords ads ie that it is working. Imho I don't think the ROI is worth it. I don't remember ever clicking on a ad link and then buying something. Therefore I believe google's stock is way over valued, and we are going to think of this era as the google bomb.

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