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October 18, 2005


Joey Boots

Was interested to read the inman.com article, but the site requires paid registration. Any way that you could post some important quotes or perhaps another source?

Anyhow, not at all surpised to see that this was a Jim-thing... From what I gather, Craig dosn't play as much of a day to day role in site operations/policies as he used to, leaving Jim in charge. IMHO, Craiglist has been on the downward spiral since Jim took over, it appears that he has gone off the track of the orginal mission. It's too bad.


It's too bad that Jim has time for press interviews on the matter, but can't be bothered to speak with you directly. Oh well.

Forget about CL - Oodle is now in the perfect position to start accepting it's own classified ads, alongside the ones from other sites. Take this opportunity dude, and slay the dragon. I've been waiting for someone to create a site that is in a real position to compete with CL, go for it, dude. :)

Gregg H.

Good luck in trying to work out a solution with Buckmaster in once again including CL in your listings. I supect though that you will not be successful regardless of the accomodations you are willing to make. In my opinion and probably yours (although at this point you are probably hesitant to say so publicaly) CL is just using the "load" argument as a pretext.


I would see it as a compliment.
They would only refuse the one who is taking more than giving.


Any monopoly is "no outlet" way for business.(sample: Google) I think oodle.com have a goal create own business on the classifieds's shoulders. It's so easy to take traffic using others content for free and after create own ads submission page.

Aggregators must die!


lol, How do you think CL gets it's content? They rely on people to post free ads = free content for CL. If you really wanna push it, then what about commerce sites that make requests for and publish product reviews by customers? That's free content too. But stuff like that is useful, right?

Every search engine out there is an "aggregator"... don't you use search engines? Makes the web more useful, hmm?

I really don't think what Ooodle is doing is harmful. And evidently most of the classified sites that it links to are glad to be part of it.


"And evidently most of the classified sites that it links to are glad to be part of it."
I'm not sure absolutely. Only classifieds who doesn't see so far in future or "handmade" sites. We will see what happen.

Gregg H.

A new atricle about this was just posted on ClickZ.com.


"Craigslist users and their listings are not a commodity to be traded upon for commercial purposes," Buckmaster told me in an e-mail exchange. "Robotically harvesting content from our site compromises our own users' access to finite server resources, while providing little or no offsetting benefits."

--Here he gives 2 reasons. The first one is the real reason, but for those that don't like that reason, he offers the second phony reason.


Thanks for the link... Jim's gibberish was hillarious to read, spoken like a true CEO, lol. Thing is, if CL was just starting out now (and didn't already have a monopoly) they'd be welcoming Oodle with open arms.


Sorry, one more... I found this interesting since CL offers RSS feeds for personal use anyways...

"Robotically harvesting content from our site compromises our own users' access to finite server resources, while providing little or no offsetting benefits."


"As Oodle founder and CEO Craig Donato pointed out to me, eBay now offers an API ... Many travel players, ... pay affiliates ... when people make reservations after being referred from those sites."
... and the affiliates sites create a information "noise" in Internet like a forest of road sings completely closed the road. It's make sense only for seller and army of parasites who make money from nothing by creating so far link between buyer and seller.


This has nothing to do with your service but Jim is a looser.


Ha. Here's to the concept that even bad publicity is good publicity. I didn't even know oodle.com existed until I read Yahoo's article (linked to their front page.)

Now that I've checked out oodle and what you do - I love it! oodle provides a service that saves time and provides a wider spectrum of resources for the user.

Scraping? If this is scraping - then Google, Yahoo and every other search engine are scrapers too.

My guess is -- oodle is becoming a contender and certain 'someones' are feeling threatened. Keep up the good work. I agree with whoever it was up there that said - Go ahead - now is your opportunity. Slay the dragon.


oodle > cl

craigslist died years ago ... what exists now is crap.



I thought you said "Moving Forward?" Stop obsessing about CL!

Jason Bentley

I am kind of shocked that you guys seem indignant about Craigslist not wishing you to scrape their site and make money from their hard work. You seem to think that you are providing this great service and it is all about the consumer but you are obviously making money from this concept otherwise you wouldn't be doing it.

Craig Donato


I'm not indignant. I'm surprised and dissappointed.

I do think we have a good service that is valuable to consumers. I don't think there is a conflict in building a valuable service and trying to make money. I think Google is a great service and they make a lot of money.

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