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October 13, 2005


Ian Palmer

Two comments:

1. Remember that EBay has a stake in CL...bigger players are notorious for being the last one to the dinner table then claiming that they're responsible for the table being set.

2. I work in the scientific, technical, and medical (STM) content industry, and this very closesly mirrors what happens between traditional book and journal publishers and content aggregators. I expect that it is only a matter of time that this vertical comes around like the STM one has slowly started to over the last 2-3 years, and realize that ultimately industries are driven by consumers and their usage needs. Publisher, content aggregator, or whatever: If we don't meet consumers needs, they will find alternatives. Period.


Stop whining - Craig's List is cool if someone beats it and they go out of business why should you guys care?



i spoke with craig about this awhile ago. i also spoke with one of the monster general counsel regarding the issue of scraping joblistings. in a similar manner, i attempted to talk with indeed/simplyhired, and others to no avail.

the bottom line is that if i as a web site post something to my site, or allow someone else to post it to my site, the site is mine to do with as i choose. if i go even further to state that the job postings become my content, for the purpose of them being posted on my site, then others don't have the right to come to my site and scrape my site.

i know alot of you guys want that to occur, but trust me, it won't happen if it gets to a legal test. just as napster bit the big one, so will sites that make their biz model on scraping. that said, if the initial job sites give/grant you permission to scrape, then by all means, scrape away!!!!

you could also, as someone said, start your own competing job site. oh, yeah, that's right, you need to build up a great deal of eyeballs for businesses to want to put their ads on your site....

if i were you, i wouldn't sweat this too much, in a little while (months/year) google is going to allow businesses to post their ads on google for free anyway (in exchange for being able to continue to build the searchin aspect, and for being able to shove ads with the job postings)

isn't life fun!!!



Craig in his Terms of use states he does not own content. Just think about it. If he owned my ad, he could prevent me from posting it elsewhere. Absurd.


craigslist sucks anyway. Just a huge bunch of lousy US hating hippies and perverts making it famous.


What a short-sighted move on the part of the 'community friendly' Craig's list. Oodle redirects back to point of origin so this move isn't about keeping other sites from stealing CL content (which they don't produce anyway), its about a self-serving and rather stupid attempt to crush some smaller (non-competitive!) businesses. While I don't necessarily agree with scraping I firmly believe that the RSS feeds CL produces should be entirely available for use. Believe it or not this is not only good for consumers, it also makes great business sense (many content providers offer RSS hooks which result in increased traffic).


Internet is and will be more and more dominated by oligopolistic firms earning supernormal profits.
Craigslist.org is one of these i want the monopole company.
(.org is ideal for the snake approach business plan)


oodle won't be successful, because web sites such as Craigslist will not want oodle to succeed. They don't want oodle to become powerful like google and dominate searches for Classified ads. They want to dominate the classified ads market themselves. No one wants a cool decentralized search engine for classified ads except consumers.

The biggest thing I fear is google base. It will absolutely destroy so many web sites out there. It may even destroy ebay.

I truly wish that people would stop using google and google ad sense. Google is NOT good for the internet... and they need some serious competition. And oodle is NOT good for the internet either.

Kevin Craig

Look...I'm all about free enterprise. It's what makes the world go round. Personally, I don't think that Oodle hurts Craigslist (CL) in any way, shape or form. I mean, afterall...CL is #1 in the advertising game. Their market share is HUGE!

Perhaps I'm a bit biased because I own and operate an online advertising site called Top Local Pros, which is more of a professional business directory than a classified ad site since it only lists professional services and caters to the people in need of them as opposed to CL which caters to anything and everything.

In fact, I was once listed in Oodle when my site first launched 10 months ago and I considered it an honor to be listed by them, but now that my site has grown considerably, for some reason, Oodle has removed me from their listings. I'd be very curious to know what could have triggered such a move because I think their service is great and I honestly don't feel threatened by the services they provide.

The bottom line is that I see no harm in what Oodle is doing. If people like CL, then they will go to CL. If they like the versitility of Oodle, then they will go to Oodle. Life is about choices. We were given free-will for a reason.


I also see no harm in simply directing people to craigslist in a way that might be more accessible. I wanted a better way to go through it myself and came up with byebyelist.com. Not sure how craigslist would react though...

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