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December 25, 2005


Joe Zekas

I'm a feed provider, and my take is extremely negative.

For starters, a change of this magnitude should have been preceded by some communication from Google. There was, to my knowledge, no advance warning.

What had been rank amateurism on Google's part in handling feeds has now degenerated into destructive slop, especially with the mischaracterization of contact names that will be routing inquiries to feed providers rather than to their advertisers.

It appears that these guys have a fluid and self-serving definition of their "do no evil" motto.


I think its a good thing. If you click on the site link in your example, it gives you a 404 kind of page. Some information from Google cache than nothing.


Pushing the envelope is an under estimate here, more like re writting the rules of the game. Imagine that they are using the same principal that they adopted with the Ad agencies in the UK when they unilaterally changed the commission structure - we are google, you need us more than we need you and you can lump it...sounds like a monopoly !


I think the real issue here is that the addition of jump pages mean that the reader can now move directly from google base to the person who placed a classifed ad rather than go via the site that feeds google base.

So google have placed themselves firmly between the advertiser and the advertising companies who feed google base.

If I were Careerbuilder (or any other advertising site that feeds google base) I would be extremely concerned - How long will it take for Careerbuilder's clients to realise that their applicants are coming direct from google base rather than careerbuilder?

From there its a short step to 'why pay to be placed in Careerbuilder?'

Gurtej Sandhu

I've just been back on Googlebase and it looks like they have backed out this strategy. Suppose the feedback was really negative then.


Julian Martinez

I think that even if they go back now, they will push and try again at a later stage. We will probably see the jump pages again in 6 months time?

I actually believe that it is a better user experience to navigate Google Base with the jump pages included. Its faster and easier!

Craig, what makes you think that Craigslist will not start accepting feed and include them with jump pages within their listings? We are doing that in our listings website and no feed supplier has complained.

Anyway, these are just some ideas.

Congratulations and keep up the good work with Oodle.

Julian Martinez


I have no clue what you guy's are talking about .
Please enlighten me. :)

tony scott

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